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Get Your Products Where They Need to Be with Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency through our 3PL Services. We provide warehousing, shipping, fulfillment, and much more.


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About Texas Logistic & Fulfillment Services

A Third-Party Logistics Service That Empowers Your Business

Our 3PL Service provides logistics services to companies in need of inventory management and distribution. We manage all aspects of fulfillment, from warehousing to shipping.

Our Services

Revolutionize Your Customer Relationships - Cut Down Time and Distance with Texas Logistic Services

In this competitive market, you need to have a smart logistics strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Texas Logistic Services is here to help you out! We offer customized third-party logistics services that will help you build strong relationships with your customers. Have you ever thought about using 3PL services? Don't wait any longer, find out more below!

3PL fulfillment

Trust a reliable fulfilment partner for business success. We manage all aspects: picking, packing, shipping, and storage. Our team designs a custom process that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

3PL Shipping

Texas Logistic Services offers reliable 3PL shipping for businesses, utilizing an extensive carrier network for competitive rates and tailored options, including freight forwarding.

3PL Warehousing

Avoid shipping woes with Texas Logistic Services. We prevent delays, losses, and ensure safe 3PL warehousing. Your goods are protected and tracked for seamless operations.


As a business owner or manager, efficient inventory management is crucial for success. Discover the reliability and efficiency of kitting warehouse services with Texas Logistics & Fulfillment.

Small Office Space Available

For freelancers and small business owners, affordable small office spaces provide flexibility and cost-effective solutions. Explore leasing benefits with Texas Logistics & Fulfillment Services.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Looking to use Amazon's FBA but dreading prep work? Texas Logistic Services streamlines the process, handling labeling, packaging, and more. Learn about hassle-free solutions!

Dry Food Storage Warehousing

Have past experiences with uncontrolled dry food storage been negative? Texas Logistic & Fulfillment offers climate-controlled solutions for food quality assurance.

Why Choose Us?

Struggling with Fulfillment? Let Our Experts Handle It All

Are you looking for a fulfillment partner that truly understands your business needs? Texas Logistics & Fulfillment Services is here for you! Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering seamless solutions that exceed expectations. From accurate order processing to efficient inventory management and lightning-fast shipping, we ensure the highest quality standards every step of the way. Partner with us and experience the difference between a capable and knowledgeable fulfillment provider who truly cares about your success!

Improve your fulfillment experience with Texas Logistics & Fulfillment Services – your trusted partner in achieving logistics excellence.


We are available 24/7 with expert assistance

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We Provide Transportation Services Driven By Integrity And Reliability.

We guarantee that your goods will reach their destination quickly, safely, and in perfect condition.

How we do it

Third Party Logistics (3PL) in 6 Steps

Optimize Your Supply Chain with 3PL Services: Streamlining Your Order Management from Start to Finish.

Step 1

Your business ships finished products to Texas Logistic & Fulfillment Services warehouse.

Step 2

Texas Logistic & Fulfillment Services warehouse recieves products and logs it into stock.

Step 3

eCommerce orders go directly from all your platforms to Texas Logistic & Fulfillment Services.

Step 4

Orders are picked and packed by Texas Logistic & Fulfillment Services.

Step 5

Orders are shipped as soon as they are ready.

Step 6

Orders are delivered to your customers.

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Discover the Power of Excellent Logistics

Want to take your logistics and fulfillment to the next level? Texas Logistics & Fulfillment Services is the perfect place for you! With years of experience, we guarantee precision in handling orders, streamlined inventory management and reliable shipping. Choose excellence in logistics and experience unmatched solutions for your success. Don't wait, elevate your business with us today!

We're Amazon FBA Experts

Crafted by Amazon Sellers, Texas Logistic & Fulfillment Services offers tailored FBA warehousing for businesses specializing in Amazon Private Labeling.

Spacious Warehouse, Ideal Location

Spanning a large area, our FBA prep and forwarding hub ranks among the Texas' largest. Close to the city center, visitors are welcome!"

Accessible Communication

Reach out via phone, email, or chat for prompt assistance. Our dedicated customer service excels in daily support.

Tailored Software Solution

Our customized software swiftly and accurately scans, verifies inventory, offering real-time visibility, online order placement, and warehouse updates.

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We provide 3PL shipping, efficient warehousing, FBA management, and specialized solutions like dry food storage.
Our expertise ensures streamlined operations, accurate order handling, and reliable delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and growth.
Yes, with decades of experience, we’ve successfully catered to various industries, tailoring our solutions to diverse needs.
Simply reach out via our website or contact us directly. We offer quick and competitive freight shipping quotes.
Our proven track record, precision handling, efficient processes, and commitment to reliable delivery make us a trusted partner.
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Sector Coverage Across Industries

Comprehensive solutions tailored to various sectors, ensuring optimal logistics and fulfillment outcomes.

Fast Moving Consumer Products

Cold Chain

Food & Beverage


Oil, Energy & Gass


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We deliver significant benefits to your business

Experience elevated efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and streamlined operations with Texas Logistics & Fulfillment Services.

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